Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice – Summary

1st of September 2018 by Aimee Wright Jane Austen wrote Pride and Prejudice to display the social difficulties within the family relating to marriage, money and appearances. The main family, the Bennet family, is composed of five unmarried - which is an important factor to the story - daughters, Elizabeth, Lydia, Jane, Mary and Kitty, and... Continue Reading →


Edward Bellamy’s Looking Backward 2000-1887: Sleep, Belief and Change

19th August 2018 by Aimee Wright Edward Bellamy's Looking Backward is a short novel about the nineteenth century's optimistic view of the twenty-first century. Bellamy has built a communist society without money, only credit, without political parties, just citizens, and with a technological advantage that they did not have in 1887, where the main character and... Continue Reading →

Daljit Nagra’s Look We Have Coming to Dover!

17th May 2018 by Aimee Wright This poem is a detailed description of immigration to the UK and the subsequent fusing of multiple identities and ethnicities. Nagra, himself, was born in Britain but with Sikh / Punjabi background, appears to perfectly identify what it is like to be fused with two different ethnicities through the... Continue Reading →

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