John Keats’ ‘In drear-nighted December’

13th August 2017 Made up of three octets, Keats has created a beautiful outlook on the winter, just like he glorified autumn in To Autumn. We will summarise and analyse In drear-nighted December. Stanza 1: Keats begins the poem with the title of the poem - 'In drear-nighted December,' - and the sound that 'drear' has makes... Continue Reading →


John Keats’ Ode on Melancholy

28th June 2017 Made up of three ten-line stanzas, Keats has praised the melancholy, and praised the beauty in it. He has also signified death being a merciless abstract noun, besides from being a concept that must die itself. Before we go into in depth analysis, we will analyse the title and what significance this... Continue Reading →

Julia Copus’ An Easy Passage

25th June 2017 This poem portrays an event in a young girl's life, where she is desperate to be older than she is. It is arguably about Julia Copus herself, but the poem is written in third person narration so that the reader is disconnected from the story, but has an open perspective of the... Continue Reading →

Carol Ann Duffy’s The Map-Woman

24th June 2017 The Map Woman is a poem that collates all of the ideas of one's past, one's present and one's future into something that one can wear, like a piece of clothing. Duffy has created an extended metaphor that rolls straight off of the tongue, just like the woman's, in the poem, life... Continue Reading →

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